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Xtra Bonus Program 

Based on the level that you decided to join the Xchange Network will determine the bonuses allotted for your efforts. Each Network member will earn rewards from their personal referred members that purchase a membership, both from the Xchange Network and Gratzii. The amount of 20% of the purchase amount will be paid into the Gratzii platform and the remaining 80%, will allocated to the Xchange Network.

Please review the chart to the left to understand the benefit of each membership, giving everyone the upgrade within the first 60 days of joining the Xchange Network. Each member will be paid at the close of each month at the current memberhsip level that they are subcribed to. After the 60 days, they will be locked into the membership of which the have chosen.

Bonus Guideines

Every Xchange Member will always a earn a bonus reward for every personal referral that joins the Xchange Newtork. In additonal, The Xtra Bonus Program is an affiliate rewards program that allows an Xchange Member to earn rewards from their extended personal team, based on the level that each member joins the network. This bonus program will initially begin as a 30 day opportunity to earn additonal rewards, but can be extended to 60 days when a member is proactive and refers a minimum of 3 personal members to the Xchange Network or the program ends

If the Xchange member has 10 personally referred members within 60 days, they will be eligible for another 30 days of bunuses. For every additional 5 personally referred Xchange members after 60 days will get each Xchange member another 30 days of bunses. The referring member is not limited to which membership a person can join counting as one of their personally referred members.  The maximum period for this bonus program currently is six (6) months or 180 days from the date of coming onboard the Xchange Network.

Leadership Bonuses

We will have other leadership opportunites that will allow our Leaders the opportunity to make additional income based on the efforts of all members and leaders. The criteria will be coming soon and will be based on referrals of leaders and members, also volume of sales.

The following three (3) bonus pools are a limited promotional opportunity for the first Leaders that act fast and put forth efforts based on the parameters as listed below. Anyone nationally can participate in this even though we might not launch in their city right away. 

Millenial Club

This Club is for the first 1,000 Xchange Members that refer 10 personal members at any level. This is a nationwide pool will account for 10% of the profits of the company. We believe in those that help build our company as if it was their company too. 

Centurian Club

This bonus pool is for the first 100 Xchange Members that have personally referred a minimum of 10 new members and has a total team of 300 members in their qualifying network. This bonus pool will share in 5% of the companys profits.

President Club

This bonus pool is for the first 10 Xchange Members the perosnal refer 20 personal members and has a total of 1,000 members in their network. These members will share in the bonus pool, which is 3% of the company's total profits. 

Leaders can only participate in one of the above three (3) bonus pools. If they happen to excel with their perosnal efforts, they will advance to either the Millenial Club 1,000 pool to the Centurian Club 100 pool or to the Presidential Club 10 pool, if they meet the criteria and there is an open spot. If the spots fill up to its capacity listed, then they will stay in their current position. If the Xchange Leader does advance, that will open a new spot for another qualified Leader in their previous bonus pool.

There are other opportunity to earn even more income from the help of these Leadership Positions. These positions will be discussed on a separate basis and the compensation will be determined by a variety of factors. We just wanted the leaders to know there is no limit if they are willing to put effort forth to assist in the success of our company...

Founding Members

The first 1,000 Xchange members will never pay an annual fee again along with some other benefits.

Are you one of the commited leaders that we are seeking?