We Give You

More Referrals
More Customers
More Income


Every business will be listed in the local directory for each community. Professional people can subscribe to the directory or join the Biz Membership which is included.


We combine the four different types of networking to include Business Networking, Social Media, Multi-Level Marketing and also affiliate marketing, building relationhsips. 

Access Customers

By joining the Xchange networking as a business, you will have access to the Gratzii membership base, offering these people incentives to capture their business.


As a benefit of the Xchange network we will have different oppotunities to our members, including establishing a team and duplicating this through multiple companies.


Our platform offers all the different type of marketing to include traditional marketing, print marketing, socila media, saving money through this cooperative membership.


All members will earn rewards from their spending with Gratzii members as well as their referred members spending. in addition there is our Xtra Bonus Program.


members can create multiple streams of income through building their team in different companies, plus earn cash rewards from building their team int he Xchange.


We will have a platform whereas our members can network virtually through chat and video chat, connecting and sharing information and their business online.


One of the key elements to success is continued education and always learning to sharpen our skills. We will also have perosnal development training within our program.


All the great leaders have had a mentor, so each member can particpate in our mentorship program, being mentored and mentoring another Xchange member.


As a member is working their way up the ladder to success, they will wnat to participate in our Mastermind groups, making higher level relationships and Income.


Every business needs to communicate with their customers, lead generation to follow up and stay on top of their business, which ultimately generates more revenues.

Bringing all the 
Networks Together

We all know the acronym for T.E.A.M. means "Together Everyone Achieves More" and our network is all about getting more. When we let down the walls and push the egos aside, we can come together to support each other through the strength of many.  Our mission is to build our communities, collaborating with other Local Networking groups, Chamber of Commerce, Online Social Networks, Masterminds and other knowledge base organization within our network platform.

If your organization is in need of support, promotion and the opportunity to help your members with more customers and the tools to make them more successful, then welcome to the Xchange Network.  With this strategic partnership, we will work with your organization to bring more members, you will get credit for bringing more customers to them and lastly more revenue to the bottom line of your organization.

We will reciprocate memberships with your group, we will sell tickets to our members for your events and also track every sale for every customer that is in your network, We bring  the consumer / commerce back into your network and we all get paid for the referral now and not just a thanks. Learn more and get started today!!

Our Core Prinicipals

The Xchange Network is about going back to our roots from our fore fathers and realize why they migrated across the great ocean and risked their lives to find freedom and then again continue to fight for the freedom that we still enjoy today. Lets embrace these core principals that every great leader, business owner and successful person should possess and practice this in our lives, sharing this as a true example that we want to pass on to the next generation.

This platform is about having the FREEDOM that many sacrificed their lives for, we take for granted how this country has evolved and the opportunities that have been entitled to by those that were the true patriots that had the vision for our families of today. We are all Americans, we bleed the same color blood, lets come together and united for what is good and acheive greatness above all.

 “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

It is about RESPECT for the people of our great country, Honoring our Flag, Respect for our President, Respect for the Constitution of the United States for it starts off “We the People”, Respect our Families and everyone in our communities. It is a big word and a big challenge to bring this word back in our lives and our Xchange Network. 

COMMITMENT tied in with passion, purpose and desire come greatness. We need to find this place in our own hearts and minds to be the best we can be. So with the commitment of the Xchange Network, we as a company will work with you if you make a true commitment to find the success you desire. Our network will be filled with great leaders, the positive attitude of belief, the mentorship, the education that gives us knowledge and also the tools that is needed to connect the dots.

Glenn Goff

CEO / Founder

Welcome to the Xchange Network, We have developed this platform for you to create more referrals, more customers and increase your revenues to enjoy life a little more, much more. We are open to suggestion and need to to share your ideas to make this platform the best it can be for everyone to share in

John Roth

Chief Operating Officer

I look forward to assisting you in everyway to explore the many benefits of business your business and your network. Improve your personal development, through leadership, mentoring and mastermind, which are all the basis that is built into this amazing networking organization.

Evan Trumbull

Chief Technology Officer

Evan is has developed the gears that make this platform tick. he has so many cool functions that we will bring to our members as we grow the network, so get involved, use the platform, so we can see the areas that we need to focus on to make this a better palce for you to build your network.


Our membership network is a cross between a Chamber of Commerce, Local Network (BNI) and Online Network (LinkedIn),
with more benefits and more productivity. Our network will be the best investment in your business and your perosnal life. So, go ahead, get started and join today. Start living the lifestyle you always wanted for you and your family.


  • This membership is an entry level to particpate in the Xchange Network. Refer three others into the Network and start earning from the bonus program
  • 3 Levels of Bonuses


  • The membership is for someone that want to start building their network and realize that developing relationships are super important growing your business.
  • 4 Levels


Most Popular
  • Knowing the value of this membership and having the ability to share this program with more people. This is where the rubber starts to meet the road.
  • 5 Levels



OK, guys this is the Mac Daddy of all the membership, so make your list and get started. The benefits are the highest and the rewards are off the chart.

6 Levels

The Next Generation 

Over the last decade, our youth has been exposed to shows like the shark tank and other great entreprenerial programs, They are seeing the opportunity to be in buisness for themselves too. They get it and understand the value of innovation and are very creative when it comes to taking a product and bringing it to the market. These young adults have not been exposed  with fear and worries of failing and are making great strides in the entrepreneural world. These young adults are the future of our country and we are putting together buisness programs for them, so they can be prepared for their future success.