Universal Platform

Imagine only having one rewards card for all the different types of online and local businesses in your wallet or better yet in your mobile wallet (Smart Phone). You can earn and collect rewards for your everyday spending at participating merchants in one account. If you share this with your friends you could earn even more rewards, then spend these Gratzii Bucks, dollar for dollar with any of our particpating merchants. Our businesses will also offer deals, discounts and coupons as well, so go ahead and get signed up today.

Oh, did we mention that this GRATZII Rewards Program is absolutely FREE to Join!!


Its simple, the merchants pay our company a market fee of 10% to 40% or more, when we drive our members to their busienss. So from a typical restaurant that gives us 20%, on a $50 purchase, we would collect let's say $10. After we pay those credit card companies, Gratzii keeps 30% of the proceeds and the rest get distributed to you as rewards, then the affiliate network that brought you into the club. So how much do you get exactly, well it is hard to say, because we allow you to earn 40% of the proceeds in Gratzii Bucks as a regular member or 20% if you decide to leverage your entire affiliate teams spending.

Did we mention, when you spend rewards, you will earn more rewards just like cash!!

Get Incentivized

So, the more you spend the more you earn right? Well the same holds true to the more people your refer and they duplicate your effort, your rewards will grow from their spending as well. We will offer you more rewards as you grow and share our program to your friends and family into the rewards program. View the matrix and see how much you can earn as listed. You will get to earn more levels of earning as you reach the required active personal members as listed.

As an example, If you refer 5 people personally and this happens for 2 more levels, and everyone on average spend $100 monthly with our particpating merchants, you will earn on average $75 in cash rewards to spend as you wish and deposited on a pre-paid debit card. If you wish to spend this with our merchants, we will double this amount ($150) into Gratzii Bucks, which will be spend dollar for dollar with any of our local or online merchants. You can earn even more with the G4X Rewards program as discussed below.



When you join the Xchange Network, you will find that you can leverage your friends and family and earn even more rewards. You will earn cash rewards first and you will be able to spend the cash anywhere you wish or you can double the cash value into Gratzii Bucks. Again you can spend these Gratzii Bucks, dollar for dollar with any of our Merchants.

Also again this is a FREE Program



Now you are getting serious about your rewards, because for a $100 annually you not only quadrupal your cash, but your cash out is also doubled. So the more you tell your friends about our cool rewards program, the greater rewards are. This program can change the way you live and your lifestyle can be nothing short of amazing. You can buy vacations with this program, or play golf, buy fine jewelry, and many more things as our program evolves. It's up to you and how much you want to earn for a little bit of effort.

Remember one important thing, when you spend rewards you are earning more rewards.

If you want more
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Our company is all about continually offering more and more incentives to make you want to climb the ladder to success. If you want more and willing to commit to your success, then all you have to do is make a small decision to invest a little more into your future, we promise you will thank yourself later.