Founder Opportunity

We have developed a Founding position to start the initial growth of the Xchange Network, so with this position comes greater rewards. The first 1,000 people that commit to our vision of the company will receive a lifetime membership into the Xchange Network with no further annual fees. This offer includes all Xchange Members that join at the memberships of Social Networkers ($250), Biz Networkers ($500) and Pro Networkers ($1,000)

The first 300 Founding members that join at the ProNetworker Level ($1,000) and build their team to a total of 100 Xchange Members will be awared the 7th level of both the bonus matrix and the Gratzii Rewards Matrix, in addition these Founding member will cash out their Gratzii Bucks at 75%.

This will be a limited offer, to a group of members that see the value of our concept and want to take advantage of the additional finacial reward and other benefits that go along with this membership. All the above member include within can also upgrade within their first 30 days, as long as there are still spots left in this founding position.