Enjoy the Benefits

This is not your average networking group, there will be many groups and people that will ultimately give you the resources and tools to build a sustainable business, as well as the opportunity to create multiple streams, of income for you and your family. This is the best investment you could ever spend on yourself.

As we say, "When you build your Network, You build your Net Worth"

Build Better Relationships

Our Network allows you to meet the people you want that match your needs. The saying 6 degrees of separation will get closer to 3 degrees because everyone is committed to each others success.


Become More Productive

Pre-screen your connections from our business network before you meet them. Get to know who they are, what they do and how you think they can help you. Then reach out them and get business done.


Access More Customers

Our concept is all about building the circle of influence and instead of just referring one customer to a business, tell all your friends or customers about Gratzii and now every business has access to the masses of consumers through our incentive marketing program.


Increase Your Income

Obviously if we give you access to customers, this is one way, but through the Gratzii Rewards Program you now can earn income from everyone's spending that is in your referrals network. Your customers are money in the bank when they spend with the other merchants.


Earn Bonuses & Rewards

To build this platform and membership quickly, we have added additional incentives and bonuses to our Xchange Members to earn huge rewards and bonuses. All you have to do is tell others about our program and you could earn $1,000's of dollars for your assistance.


Get Personal Development

We should always be a student as the world is always changing, marketing is becoming high tech and mastering the art of sales and understanding people is key to one's success. But more importantly, you must be the best you can be and your why to life. 


It all Starts with GRATZII Rewards

While understanding the compensation guidelines, we begin with the basics of a regular free membership. More than 50% of our membership will be basic "FREE"members and this is who we designed this program for. Most companies fail to recognize that without sales the leaders wouldn’t make as much nor would the company remain sustainable.

GRATZII Membership

Gratzii Members

Everyone joins as a Gratzii member and will join this program for FREE, never paying a fee to belong to this E-commerce and Reward Program. Our members can shop online for National Gift Cards, Travel Services, and other cool products, plus they can shop with local merchants to include, Restaurants, Health and Beauty, Fitness and Spa, Recreation companies, and Home and Auto related services. So, imagine earning rewards from pretty much anything you buy every day, you can earn rewards from all the different merchants into one account.

These cash rewards accumulate in one universal account that can be cashed out to do as they wish or we will double these cash rewards, we call the G2X program, if they spend these rewards back with our participating merchants. Lastly, we added the element of sharing this program with their friends and family, for this we will reward the member for their spending with our merchants. As you can see this is a very rewarding program and people can earn amazing rewards for supporting the smaller local merchants along with the big box stores now, leveling the playing field for the everyone to have the same chance of marketing their business on the next big company.

Gratzii Merchant Members

The participating merchants can also become a member of Gratzii, which allow these business owners to earn cash rewards and double Gratzii Bucks that can be used with any merchant or B2B with our business products available to them. The Merchant members can not participate in the G4X membership, but the owner can join under their business as a Gratzii member or if they are a Xchange Network Member, they can even sign up their business into Gratzii as a merchant member. If a Merchant sell their business, this merchant member position will attach to the business and not the owner, making this a more valuable selling-point..

Xchange Network

As with every company we need lots of customers to market to our merchants, so besides traditional marketing, and social media, we have not only incentive marketing but our unique “Word of Mouth” marketing platform that allows our members to share this program with their friends and family and earn rewards based on their spending. What is different about this reward program is these members can earn Cash Rewards from their spending first and from their referred members spending. If the member elects to spend these cash rewards back with one of our participating merchants we will double the value that can be spent dollar for dollar with any of our merchants. When they spend these rewards, this will count as a normal cash transaction and you will earn even more rewards from spending these rewards.

Our goal is to always to offer incentives to give our members more opportunity to earn more rewards. We have added the element of a multi-affiliate referral network, meaning you can earn from 3 levels of referrals to 6 levels. As you grow your personal active referrals our company will give you more levels of rewards. For those that get the "light bulb moment", we have a premium position that will not only double the rewards, but also double your Gratzii bucks in our G4X program. First, they get our G4X membership, which doubles their cash-out or can opt to earn double Gratzii Bucks that can be spent back with our merchants. Secondly, they now can earn rewards from up to 6 levels of affiliates. Initially, the G4X members get three levels of earning, but as they reach 10 direct active referrals they will get to earn from the 4th affiliate level, then after 25 active referrals, they get the 5th level of rewards.

To earn even bigger rewards, we have developed our V.I.P. program that offers the true leaders the opportunity to take this program into a more substantial income opportunity. These members will have referred over 50 people into the organization allowing them to earn the 6th level of affiliates that purchase goods and services with our participating businesses. So, now for the merchant side of things: We have developed a virtual network that allows our members to actively connect and refer other networkers, business and professional networkers into this platform. This program is for the true networker and network marketer, both of which desire the opportunity to build their network, so they can build their net worth.

We have several memberships in the Xchange Network, depending on the level of participation, members will determine their membership rank. Illustrated below will show the different membership and benefits of each one. Some members may just want to be on the directory and visit a few networking events, some, taking it more serious, may want to step up to Pro Networker and others will want to create their own Xchange group in their local area or online. We will also have a Major Market Opportunity along with State and Regional authority and income opportunities for those that qualify and have the funding resources to sustain a marketing and administration effort in those areas..

What is the Xchange Network

Our concept is to combine four different type of marketing. 1) Affiliate Marketing 2) Network Marketing, 3) Business networking and 4) Online Social Business Networking. We also will be utilizing Virtual or video networking, so this makes this platform very powerful offering better productivity. Most people are tired of the boring repetitive networking meetings and are seeking to meet new people to build their income.

We will work with other networking groups like community Chamber of Commerce’s, Local Business Networks and other groups to promote their events, allowing our members to join and meet new people in the business community. We have tied this to our Gratzii member spending platform with local and online businesses. This platform will allow the leaders to exponentially grow their network that bring in the merchants that have the customers. So simply, you can grow your network through the benefit of the local merchants that have these customers. Below we will explain more of the benefits for this program.

The Xchange Network will get involved with community events, non-profits, supporting the causes that need our help with fundraising and volunteer assistance. We know, to be successful, we will have an array of tools and services that allow our members to improves the personal development through coaching and masterminds. In addition we have educational programs that will teach our members to know more about how they can grow their business and also financial programs that promote better investments in business and personal decisions. All these programs will ultimately give our members the ability to duplicate their income, and enjoy a better life and lifestyle.

Financial Disclaimer

We want to express our excitement for this unique networking program, but because of the Bonus Program and Multi-Tier Affiliate program, you are earning rewards based on other members purchasing this membership product grom the Gratzii Marketplace. This network membership is a genuine tangible and valuable product like being a member of a local Chamber of Commerce or even a premium membership to LinkedIn. This program should not be construed or misrepresented as anything else. If the company learns of a member misappropriate presentation of our business model, then they will be terminated from the Xchange Network and jeopardize any reward compensation due to them.

Membership Benefits

With our concept, Xchange means to "Exchange", share or refer resources with other businesses, which rewards you the many benefits for joining our networking group.

Understanding the differences in our concept and how you can get more customers, plus in addition you can also earn revenues for growing your network too. We have structured different membership for those that want to join from a simple perspective and then we will have people that want to take it to another level that understanding the opportunity more. We will explain this more in depth and lay out the different levels of each members involvment.

There are many benefits of the Xchange Network, so you can pick and choose how you wish to participate. If you just want to network, that’s great, if you want more customers, then you can be listed on the directory. If you are willing to assist us in growing the network, then you can participate in the Xtra Bonus Program.

3/25 Success Program

The basics of this referral program is each member of the Xchange Network will commit to sharing our program with 3 other businesses and 25 of their customers. You aren’t limited to just a retail stores, you can also refer a Professional type (Realtor, Insurance, Banking, Mortgage, etc) or Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Online Merchants or pretty much anyone that see a value in helping build this network.

Each business will commit to duplicate this same method, which will grow your network and allow you to earn from their spending as well as earn from the bonus pool. There are 4 main ways to benefit from our program as listed below

1. You will have access to more customers from the Gratzii Membership
2. You will earn from the spending of the network that you build
3. You will earn a bonus when you refer a new paid business to the network
4. You will earn bonuses as your network grows and you have 3 paid members
5. You will be able to particpate in contests and earn additional rewards
6. You will be able to have access to other unique opportunites available to our network.

If a member wishes to become more involved in other products sold to merchants, we will show you how to get involved, but there are requirements and training to qualify. Any business can come in for free, but will not have access to the online networking portion or the local meetings, plus it does not count for the three paid members needed for bonuses.

Once you have joined, you have 60 days to upgrade, then your position is locked.

Xponential Rewards

OK, so one of the main goals of the Xchange Network is to grow the membership as large as we can, that ultimately gives the merchants access to more customers. With the 3/25 concept, not only will this membership grow exponentially, but so will the rewards of those that participate in this methodology. Remember the merchants have the customers and can use these people to add more revenues fromt their spending

Imagine having 100 merchants in your network and they refer 50 of their customers into Gratzii Rewards. You would have 5,000 people in your spending network, but what if they told 3 friends on average, that would give you a total of 20,000 people that you are now earning from in the Gratzii Merchant Network. This "Xponential Opportunity" is much greater than personally referring 500 people directly into the program. Leveraging the efforts of others is the key to success in most businesses, so enbrace this and make it happen. 

Access to Customers

As you grow your network with businesses and customers, the customer base will grow and you can offer deals, coupons or discounts to the membership group or just wait until our member see you in the directory.

As consumers, we all have the need for different purchasing needs each month, so knowing these customers are being offered rewards, they will use this directory to search out our businesses.

Even FREE Business Members will have access to these customers, but through referring other businesses that refer customers, you will see that the other benefits of our program will accelerate earning of spending and other bonuses.

Earn from Everyone's Spending

This is simple, as you start referring people into our Gratzii Rewards Program and they start spending from the local merchants, you will start earning cash rewards and more.


As shown to the left is a representation of earning from 5 levels, when you referring 3 businesses that refer a minimum of 25 customers to Gratzii. Not only do you have access to the members, you will earn from their spending.

Let’s say 30% of the 6,000 members listed spend $100 a month with our merchants, (the average family spends around $500 plus each month just on food and entertainment. With our rewards matrix, typically you can earn around $1.00 per month in cash rewards from each member or $1,800 or double Gratzii Bucks of $3,600, if spent back with the merchants.

These numbers are not an exact science, so some people will support the merchants more and spend more, so we just discuss this on average. As this becomes more of a household name, a larger percentage of people will participate and spends more each month.

Next is a referral funnel illustrating the power of duplication and why this will change the way marketing is done. Many companies have spent huge marketing budget to get new customers, whereas our platform pays you instead for these efforts.